Accessible and Understandable Design


Accessible and Understandable Design

Paulina Kisiel

07 July 2020


In December last year, we met with the program board to choose a theme on which we will build our next edition of the festival. We wanted to include as many issues that require improvement and design intervention as possible. With our slogan Attention! we wanted to talk loudly about current climate and social problems. The message was not only to shake the user but, above all, to initiate action. Three months later, everyone's attention turned in a completely different direction. We all waited and wondered where things were heading. However, the scenario of cancelling or even postponing the 13th edition of GDD was too radical. We could not let global discussion about the most pressing problems of the modern world stop.


For 13 years Gdynia Design Days has spread ideas related to design and presented its impact on economic and social development. While staying at home, we wondered how to transfer the summer festival usually set in Gdynia at our creative PPNT Gdynia hub. How to preserve the identity of the event that we organize annually in the specific context of city, time and space? GDD's main mission is to disseminate the idea of ​​design as a tool of change. This unique online edition brings, above all, a lot of knowledge and inspiration that will remain long after the festival. This is a reason to talk about important topics – a time when we can increase awareness and change the perspective of looking at the world around us. This is possible thanks to the prepared guide, among other things. We provide you with information, photos and videos on 8 global challenges that are the explication of the festival's slogan. The GDD guide presents nearly 150 products, projects, services and prototypes. It is a place where you can come back all year long and search the best solutions and inspirations for an innovative approach to problem solving. We follow the idea that design should be democratic – that is, accessible and universal. We know that especially now we need intelligent and sustainable solutions to be able to change the shape of the future. The time has come for action.


By popularizing good design, we try to expand the awareness of our users. Not the ones with fancy form and styling, but the wise that are solving real problems. Free access to information, resources and tools builds collective wisdom and social responsibility. We raise global problems, but it is often in the local context that we must implement solutions and changes. That is why it is important to build a community that makes responsible decisions. Thanks to simple access to knowledge, as we present during lectures, workshops and in the guide, it is possible to get acquainted with good practices and innovative solutions. Increasing individual awareness translates into global changes.

From our homes around the world, let's seek true values ​​that are worth guiding in everyday choices. As a result, our consumer decisions will be more informed and responsible.