We live in profound time of change. Now, more than ever before, we need mindfulness and focus on values. Global crises in food, water, and resource scarcity seep into our everyday lives, also in Poland. We cannot solve new problems by old methods. The time has come for action. How will you participate in changes? What will you do to avoid a dark future scenario?

The way to get out of chaos is to deepen relationships with other people and nature. We should focus on the common good to create a sustainable economy based not on growth but on social well-being. We make thousands of decisions every day. Are we able to be thoughtful enough so that our consumer behaviour influences what is available on the market toward sustainability with a smaller impact on ecological degradation?

During Gdynia Design Days we will show that good design can become an effective tool for solving complex problems. We’ll present interesting solutions which encourage producers to be more responsible for the common good and empower consumers with knowledge to consciously impact the environment. Let’s check where overconsumption has led us. This is our chance to reflect on the importance of water in our culture to better use its resources wisely. Data will be presented as a new, valuable currency while we also convey the threats related to the lack of ethics in the digital world.

This year's festival is an opportunity to take action and stimulate creativity. Today is when we need smart, functional, lasting solutions to improve our reality and change the future.

Be the cause of the change. Attention! Attention! It's time to design!