Agata Magdalena Nowak


Artist and User Experience Researcher. She graduated in psychology at the University of Silesia and transdisciplinary art studies at the College of Art and Design in Geneva in the field of Critical Curatorial Cybermedia. She conducts research in the artistic research approach in the area of ​​the potential of creativity and technology in the processes of social change, at the interface with the deep ecology trend. In her work, she combines the processes of participatory design with individual artistic work. He co-creates the Selkie Research Agency, which specializes in User Experience research and the analysis of digital products and services in terms of usability. Trainer and lecturer, incl. usability testing expert at the SWPS University, majoring in UX Design in Katowice. He is one of the main organizers of the WUD Silesia initiative – World Utility Day in Silesia, where he is responsible for the curatorial part of artistic events and projects.