Blanka Byrwa


Designer from Koszalin, living in Gdańsk for 5 years. She has been running the BBAD design studio for two years, mainly implementing projects for service premises, specialized in steel structures and furniture. A graduate of the Design Institute of the Koszalin University of Technology. During her studies, she was awarded in the Architektura Murator competitions "Mieszkanie Młodego Architekta" and "the minimum" during the Łódź Design Festival. Her work – a recycled piece of furniture "CHODNICZEK" was awarded in the Elle Decoration competition Młodzi na Start 2018. Co-founder and President of the CUMY Foundation – an open workshop at the Gdańsk Shipyard – an organization promoting and cultivationing craftsmanship. Initiator and organizer of the Shipyard Project – nationwide workshops on the development of post-shipyard areas. Tutor and co-author of the installation "Grid of the City" at the international design workshop MEDS – Silesia Revival 2021. The organizer of the Bioplastik is Fantastik workshops, aimed at promoting and educating about the circular economy of materials.