MOZI is a studio led by Monika Gradzik and Ziemowit Liszek. A team that combines creative passion, outrightness and love for simplicity and natural materials. MOZI lives and works in Gdynia. A city that is a symbol of modernity, freedom and openness to the world. They eagerly draw on this heritage by collaborating with local artists. They are not afraid of experiments. New challenges motivate them to act. They focus on high quality materials and precision of workmanship, with equal commitment implementing each subsequent stage of production. From design, through prototypes, to a ready piece of furniture or object. They willingly create in wood and ceramics combining traditional, handcrafted processing techniques with modern technologies. Mozi designs and creates spatial and artistic installations, sculptures, utility objects and furniture. They are also creators and organizers of cultural events.
Over the past years of their activity, they have completed many interesting projects. The lighting installation "Huba" in the Forest Park in Oksywie is a response to the revitalization of the public space of the Gdynia district. Mozi is also the originators and implementers of the project and exhibition „GLËNA”. A unique utility ceramic collection designed and created by local artists with implementation of 3D printing technologies. Mozi are also the creators of the unique "Monumentalcity" concrete relief, which was created in cooperation with Daniel Chazme as a part of the Traffic Design Festival 2016.