Barbara Stelmachowska


Designer and researcher. Works in the field of sustainable, socially engaged design, using everyday observations to create alternative scenarios for the existing reality.

As part of her PhD studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, she explores the directions in which the human nutrition may evolve in the future. She devotes her scientific work to exploration of alternative systems, such as growing edible algae. She is fascinated by the bond formed between a houseplant and man. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, University of Arts in Poznan. Finalist of the international competition makeme! 2015, Young Design 2016 and Electrolux Design Lab 2016. Winner of the Haier Design Prize by IF. For the last few years, she has been working mainly in ceramic materials. She mastered her skills under the guidance of Marek Cecula in Ćmielów Design Studio and in the Manufactory studio in Berlin.