HAPPY*is an invitation to the world of the sense of touch. Presented at the exhibition, a tool in the form of a system of tactile graphic modules and matrices aims to focus the recipient's attention on haptic interaction with materials, textures, and objects.


By momentarily switching off the process of learning about new and unknown elements, are we able to experience more with our sense of touch?


Exhibition participants will have the opportunity to develop their sight with their hands and improve their ability for logical thinking during their experiences with haptic perception of surface textures and matrices. Developed scenarios allow for the discovery of the universal character of the HAPPY* tool (prototype) – from analytical experience, to reproducing tactile graphic compositions through well-known games and puzzles.


HAPPY* is an inclusive project – a tool supporting therapy that responds to the needs of therapists working with people with visual impairments, while combining aesthetics (visual appeal) with tactile experience. Tactile educators, due to the complexity and origin of dysfunctions related to vision, are searching for tools for work that are mobile, scalable in terms of size, functionality, gradation, and haptic feedback.


The HAPPY* tool is dedicated to environments that deal with the education and therapy of people with vision impairments of different ages. The solution – with its applied module and texture systems, as well as its materials – can be expanded, transformed, and adapted to the needs of specific groups of users (including those who are sighted). For this reason, HAPPY* also becomes an ideal tool for introducing sighted individuals to concepts and experiences related to the sense of touch, as well as for integrating sighted individuals with the blind, visually impaired, and those with partial sight.

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Characterizing an object and its location, understanding its shape, texture, weight, temperature, or density – a haptic system helps to comprehend the relationships or convey information about the objects and space surrounding us.

The sensory experience centered around the sense of touch – from analytical exploration and reproduction of tactile compositions through familiar games and puzzles – based on a matrix system and modules with textures.


By utilizing the proposed experience scenarios, there is a possibility of gradually acquainting oneself with the Happy* project and its potential:


– Experience 1: Touch and Discover!
Recognizing the spatial composition through tactile exploration, followed by attempting its reproduction – elementary level;

– Experience 2: Touch and delve deeper!
Recognizing the spatial composition through tactile exploration, followed by attempting its reproduction – advanced level;

– Experience 3: Touch and Play!
Engaging in collaborative activities through play and interaction based on a visually familiar game – puzzles;


– Final Experience: See and/or Touch, Create!
Unleashing the freedom to create spatial compositions, allowing the development of personalized rules or relationships with objects.

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