Monika Dołbniak


Sensory designer and researcher. A graduate of the Royal College of Art (textile design), London College of Fashion (womenswear design) and Westminster Kingsway College (neurodiversity among children). Since 2021, she works as a sensory children’s wear designer for the Belgian brand Sam Sensory & More. She specializes in multidisciplinary textile applications for fashion, product, textiles, space, and adaptive UX contexts. Within her work, she explores how to design products and communication tools that could ultimately improve autistic and sensory-sensitive users' well-being. Over the last 4 years, she has conducted many design and sensory integration workshops. Her works were presented at many international exhibitions and conferences, e.g., ArtEZ State of Fashion Biennale, IFFTI Fashion Conference and London Design Week. She was also awarded a silver prize from Creative Conscious Award 2022.