Mamy Projekt

Mamy projekt is a curatorial and realization collective created by Joanna Studzińska and Małgorzata Żmijska. We create engaging educational projects on various social and community-related topics, mostly on the climate. Over the last few years, we have held a series of five NOTaMAP exhibitions, four “Hug Poland” exhibitions, “The Leak” – a temporary exhibition on water protection, and two (so far) “EkoEksperymentarium” exhibitions. Another part of the collective is also a series of creative guidebooks titled NIEMAPA (NOTaMAP) and projects on climate education, including the website with games for kids. We work in multidisciplinary teams and cooperate with many partners and experts, so we can talk about even really difficult and complex matters in a clear and simple manner. EkoEksperymentarium was created to practically and positively encourage people to implement small and simple adjustments to their daily lives, for the benefit of ourselves and the planet, because we believe that we can implement big changes by taking small steps.