Wiesław Bartkowski


Interaction designer and complex systems researcher, head and co-founder of – postgraduate studies breaking the boundaries between art, design, science and technology in an anti-disciplinary way.

He created the term and manifesto “The Matter of Code”, proposing a new look at code – the source text of a computer program – as a type of material that can be shaped by experience. “The Matter of Code” is also a physical manifestation of code breaking the screen barrier due to the combination of code with electronics and digital fabrication.

Bartkowski lectures at the School of Form and the School of Ideas at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. He teaches artists and designers to use “the matter of code”.

His scientific visualizations and interactive installations were presented, among others, at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Zachęta National Gallery, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Arsenał Gallery, Artothek in Munich, Powszechny and Nowy Theatres in Warsaw.

In 2018, Bartkowski won the DESIGN ALIVE AWARD, called the Oscars of the Polish design industry, in the Animator category – among others, for broadening horizons and combining interactive technology with the humanities, art, and design.